Basically I'm looking for a pedal that will give me a different kind of distortion to my amps one. The amp I have is a Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 with a few mods. The amps own distortion is typical marshall really, so pretty thick.

I'm after a pedal that can get me a thin, defined distortion similar to the one in this song


All help much appreciated!
Yep, single coils if you want a thinner tone. However the Boss DS-2 is a good bet with a few little adjustments.
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Single coils, less bass and mid and you're all set!

Yeh, I have tried that but I can hear the single coil twang which I love clean, but don't really like it in distortion.
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the Boss MT-2 has a really nice sound

i have no opinion on the matter since i've never tried one, but you're gonna get flamed.
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the Boss MT-2 has a really nice sound

Well, i'ts certainly thin sounding...

TS, Proco Rat is probably a good place to start looking but it's possible that you could get that sound just with an EQ pedal or overdrive with the amps distortion.
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i use a fulltone OCD and i love it i can crank up the drive to get that muddy metal sound or tweek it to get that nice warm blues feel there a little bit expensive though.
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the Boss MT-2 has a really nice sound

oh yes certainly, it's like having crappy early Black Metal production value in a box!

You know it actually sounds less useless if you think about it that way.
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