1) with regards to the randall RG75G2, can it play very quietly decently? or is 75 watt SS unplayable for bedroom practice?

2) does the RG75G2 sound ALOT better then a 15 watt practice amp such as the randall 15XM? or is it just more customizable and louder?

3)A more specific question, is the RG75G2 a decent amp for the price? are there any other amps that cost around the same and are EXACTLY: a two channel amp, with seperate EQ's for both, and can play metal well WITHOUT pedals.

4) is tube amps playable at VERY quiet volumes, and is there any point going for tube just for bedroom practice?
1) Yes IMO
2) It sounds better than teh 15XM, not necessarily better than a ''15 watt practice amp''
3) Yes and perhaps used
4) Yes and yes