Ok, so I just took the back off of my 2-year old crappy amp, just for the sake of it. I noticed that it seems to be very simply made: a circuit board, a power supply, a speaker, a box, and a screen covering the front.

The speaker looks just like a standard speaker. I was thinking that maybe if I take this speaker off and replace it with an awesome speaker of the same size (my friend is the owner of a speaker company, so I'm sure I can get one) I can cheaply turn my amp around.

The question I have is: Is the speaker in there a normal speaker, or a "special" speaker that is, like, only used in guitar amps or something? (looks normal to me...) And is there anything that could go wrong?

Also, are there any other ways I could mod my amp to make it even better?

OH YEAH, AND ALSO: Does anybody know anything I can use to patch BIG holes in a guitar? Like holes that were made to put a new tremolo system in, but put in the wrong place? I havent started that project yet, I want to know some good hole fillers before I start :p Preferably hole fillers that I can re-drill over.
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just go for it.. if anything goes wrong you can still place oyur old speaker in
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Guitar amps use guitar speakers. You'll need to find one with the same impedance, and the same or higher wattage.
About the filler, I like to use a putty mix. Get the same species wood as the guitar, sand it down with low grit sandpaper and collect the dust. Mix the dust with good quality wood glue until you have a putty, then fill in the holes with it. Works well and if you get the right glue it can even match the color of the wood.