Hello there,

After acquiring Sony ACID 6.0 (I'm a soundforge fan, hence my choice for ACID =p) and EzDrummer+Drumkit from Hell for a ridiculously cheap price I am now quite in the market for completing my ''home studio'' with a piece of guitar recording equipment. I play a 7 string guitar mainly and for some reason my riffs and ideas just flow out a lot better if I make a few kick ass drumtracks first. Inspiration has really been flowing lately.

Now I would like to know if anyone can recommend me something which allows me to use the record out of my guitar amp (see sig, Mesa/Boogie studio caliber), ''plug it in'' to my computer via either a USB device or a new soundcard, and start recording with nice sound quality. Even though I managed to get my software for dirt cheap I would prefer to not spend a lot of money on buying recording gear.

Or would a USB mic of some sorts be better suited for me? Mind you I have a spacious room that isnt exactly isolated, so the sound flies around the room which is why I would want a direct recording input.

I've been looking into the M-Audio fasttrack USB, and the M-Audio Audiophile 2426 (or something) soundcard, both are within my price range. If there are any other nice pieces of gear along these lines that would work better, please tell me!

Cheers in advance.
My Gear:

Ibanez RG 7 EXFX (27'' scale, 2x EMG 707)

Mesa/Boogie Studio .20 Caliber

Line 6 Studio POD GX