This is a song i wrote today, it´s kinda a mix between melodic death metal, funk, and maybe a bit hard rock. C4C, as always.

Hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Made the File RSE ready, so it sounds better. I used the jazz guitar in the Tapping part in the end, so if you listen to it on midi, put the "distortion guitar" as instrument.
Focus on the light.zip
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the whole piece has great rhythm.
especially the verse!
i'd give this 8/10.
The first of the intro was alright, didn't do much for me though. I liked after the single notes though. lol
The verse and pre-chorus are nice and compliment each other nicely.
The chorus is very nice. I like the lead.
The bridge was okay. I'm not much for octaves over powerchords for the only thing going on.. Seems way too cliche... But sometimes it's what fits.
I'm not sure I liked the non-tapping part of the solo.. It just didn't fit in with the rest of it.
Outro was okay. I'm really just not sure how I feel about that last part of it... I sort of feel it would end better if you just let it stop with the last note of the solo being held.

7/10 Good job. =)
thank you for your crit , surely it was just a intro as you considered it to be too short ... i don't really have the time to give you a detailled review now , but sound very nice so far , I#LL edit this for more details later