can anybody compare the necks in these?
is it worth paying $600 AU for a neck pup?
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someone once told me that ESPs are better quality than jacksons....*shrug* personally id go with the cheapest
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the jackson RR24 plays like a dream, my only concern with getting one of them would be the single pickup but that wouldnt bother me, not for $600 anyway.

id say the jackson is nicer otherwise anyway
I'd pick the Jackson, although i never played an SV. I just know that the Jack plays like a dream. But i think the ESP should be a great guitar too.
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Try playing both of them in my opinion, the Jackson plays amazingly I hear, yet with only that one P-up it is probably limited in it's tonal abilities, whereas the ESP SV has a bridge P-up and a neck P-up so it has more functionability to mess around with tones, that is only my opinion though. Feel free to correct me on any of those statements I made.
The Jackson has got the better neck I expect, If you don't need a neck pickup then screw it, get the RR24, I would get the Jackson with my eyes closed regardless.



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I prefer ESP necks to Jackson necks, but that's just personal preference. I'd get the ESP.
yeah despite how i like how the neck pup sounds i can always switch out the emg for a seymour duncan blackout neck. otherwise, theres always eqs. would the maple neck play better than the rosewood? (jackson rr24 and 24m)
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^The RR24 has an ebony fingerboard, if im not mistaken.
Some people prefer ebony (like me), others prefer maple. Test some, and decide for yourself.
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I am a proud owner of both guitars, and i must say to all those "Jackson Fans" who thinks that the jackson rr24 is a better guitar, u are all SO wrong.

ESP is maybe 10 times better than the jackson rr24 in so many ways.. e.g. playability, neck, electronics, Floyd rose, 24 fret access, guitar finish, wood, machine heads.
and its way more comfortable than the rr24 guitar, and lets not mention the 2 Pickups on the ESP SV.

I am not an ESP fan or a Jackson fan, i like both guitars but i can guarantee that the ESP SV is better than the Jackson rr24...and its not just a personal preference, its a fact guys.

I do like to play the jackson, but after playing it for an hour or two and then picking up the ESP, its a completely different world.

So please, dont say that Jackson are better just because that they are Jackson, stop living in a dream.

BTW: I know its an old thread but i just had to comment.
^Pretty much that. Quality wise, the ESP will slay the Jackson.

But it should come down to neck preference, and you'll have to play them (or models with the same neck, not sure about Jackson but any ESP with a Thin U will do).

EDIT: Not sure how much this affects your choice, but the SV has WAY better upper fret access to the RR24.
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the jackson. the rr24 is a great guitar. not knocking esp but i prefer the jackson neck over the esp.
I prefer the neck of the ESP but im also comparing between my Edwards Al-166 and my Jackson Demmelition...although i have played an RR24 in a shop and it was about the same as a Demmeltion. I get a better grip with my Edwards...personal prefrence
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