im doing a fuzz factory pedal and the tutorial says i need a "PNP Germanium transistor AC128" but all i can find is this:

also is a ceramic .1uf capacitor the same as a 100nf capacitor?

will they work i will i need to look harder?

Well, if it works with wat you found, then cool. If not, buy wat the tutorial suggests. But it should act the same.
.1 micro anything is the same as 100 pico anything.

base = * 10^0
centi (c)= * 10^-2
milli (m)= * 10^-3
micro (u) = * 10^-6
nano (n) = *10^-9
pico (p) = *10^-12
^ You contradicted yourself there...

0.1 micro = 100 nano

0.1 nano = 100 pico
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For a fuzz pedal you need gain matched germanium transistors. If youve never done the gain matching and dont have the little home made test rig then you will want to buy them in a set already matched. Try smallbear electronics. Getting random germaniums and sticking them in may or may not sound very good. Usually gotta have a pile of em to get few that are close to each other. They tend to vary alot. And as your doing a positive ground pedal you will need to use a batt.