So I've been renting a bass for the last 2 years and the money I payed can be taken off of the price of new equipment if I buy it at the same shop. So I'm planing on getting a Fender Jazz Bass and an amp.

Now these are the basses/amps he can offer me.

- 3-colour sunbrust, rosewood neck / CHF 2350.- ($2307)
- black, rosewood Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- candy-cola, rosewood Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- sunset-orange-trans, rosewood Neck / CHF 2470.- ($2424)
- shoreline-gold-met, rosewood Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- butterscotch-blonde, rosewood Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)

- black, maple Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- cancy cola, maple Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- sunset-orange-trans, maple Neck / 2470.- ($2424)
- shoreline-gold-met, maple Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)
- butterscotch-blonde, maple Neck / CHF 2200.- ($2160)

1x15", 320 Watt
Listenpreis Fr. 1790.-- ($1757)

ASHDOWN Electric Blue 1x15" 130 Watt
Listenpreis Fr. 990.-- ($970)

ASHDOWN MAG 250-115, 1x15", 265 Watt
Listenpreis Fr. 1280.-- ($1256)

MARK BASS Mini Mark 2x 6", 250 Watt
Listenpreis Fr. 1550.-- ($1520)

CHF=swiss francs... I live in Switzerland.

I also found this used jazz bass on a swiss auctioning site: link
which would be CHF 1500.-...

so what should I do? Are these good prices?

Oh yeah, the money I payed for the rent is about CHF 1450.- so I could prob get the used jazz bass and then use those 1450.- on an amp and maybe some effects...
for me? candy cola bass, and the ashdown MAG
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Black Jazz with Maple neck, and the Ashdown MAG.

The Bass itself is personally preference.

The Ashdown is the best amp there. Sounds great and has decent wattage.
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So why would you go with the MAG instead of the electric blue?

the 265 watts will do u for most situations, and i prefer the mag's over the electric blues

EDIT: btw dont buy multi effects, ive had many pedals in my time and nothing good comes from multis
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