Is it a bad itea to have the whole song at 130 bpm and the chorus at 150 bpm? I am making a song and sort of made all the different parts seperatly and now when im playing it all together i have realalised that the chorus riff is alot faster than the rest of the song but it still sounds ok. Will it be hard for the drummer to play it if the song goes from 130 to 150 and then back to 130?Would i be better off just slowing the chorus riff down to 130bpm?
Any help would be appriated thanks.
if it sounds good and you are capable of playing both parts at the relevant speeds then there is no problem, learning to play in changing tempos is a skill itself, with a bit of practise its not too difficult, the only thing is whether the 2 parts progress into eachother well from a songwriting perspective, do they? not sounding forced or anything
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I can think of a few songs that do that type of thing, includin some of my own compositions. If it works for you, do it. It's usually kinda cool if ya do it right.
If you can pull off the tempo changes as a band, tight and together, and it sounds good like you say, then keep it. It can be cool when bands do that (can also suck if they OVERDO it though).
I've had this before and I usually just find a decent overall speed for the song (sort of like an average) or try and find a decent way to bridge the two sections so the change isn't that noticable.
as long as you and whoever you are playing with can pull it off, go for it, that's not really much of a jump, I've used much more drastic tempo changes (30 bpm to 160 bpm) before to great effect. and whether or not it's hard for the drummer depends on the drummer.
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