Is not letting me download songs because it says my pc has put up a firewall.

anyone know how to get rid of it?

Use torrents.

Otherwise, it's Windows Firewall. Go to Control Panel> Security and disable the firewall.

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not really

TS, buy your music!
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Not fascist. If you're downloading music for free, it usually means that the artist hasn't been paid. And the mods don't like you discussing how to do it with eachother, in fact I'm pretty sure it would be seen as against the forum rules.
Where's all the "OMG limewire gives you a virus and kills your pc!!!11!!""$"£" etc ... ?

Limewire is ok for downloading single tracks, but you could just look for the album on a torrent site and only download the songs you want from the album
Use tailwhip. It'll lower your PC's defence.
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