my friend just bought an 07 gibson sg, wine with white binding. he wants to have the white faded into a slight cream/offwhite color to give a vintage look. is there anyway to recreate this process over a few days or something? we tried googling it and got nothing, and the harmony central forums are FULL of sarcasm . thanks alot guys.
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lightly sand it, stain it with something

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The finish should be nitrocellulous laquer which will age nicely on it's own. You'd either have to strip off some of the laquer to apply some colouring or apply more tinted laquer over the existing finish. I don't recommend doing anything.
If you play with it you run the risk of:
a) affecting the way it'll look later when the laquer does it's thing naturely, it may look wierd or be obvious that the finish was played with
b) affecting the bond between binding and body
c) affecting the resale value of the guitar in the future.
If it is nitro lacquer, I think that you should leave it be. He'll have so much fun playing that by the time he puts the guitar down, the binding will age. I say, don't attempt anything, because the beauty of aging comes from the idea that it is unguided and will age on itself. Wow, that was overly sentimental...

In shorter terms, don't let your friend give his guitar a Clint Eastwood type boutoux treatment, or the guitar won't look as good (Much like Clint nowadays).