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If Gibson gave you a chance to design a les paul or buy any lp guitar free of charge. How would you design it/ what would you buy?

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It would have a hardtail trem bridge, 24 frets, locking tuners, and a trans black quilt-top finish.
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Alpine White finish, Ebony fretboard, 60's neck, the inlays from the LP Supremes, Black Binding, a SD '59 in the Neck and a Dimarzio D Activator in the bridge... yum.
I would have the black beauty with EMGs. (81/85)


Alpine white, gold hardware, 24 frets, maple neck+fretboard.
My perfect Les Paul would have a Floyd Rose, EMG 81/85, neck-thru with 24 frets, a stupidly thin neck. Also, it wouldn't be a Les Paul
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natural finish double cut, p90 in the neck, bare knuckle humbucker in the bridge, rosewood neck with no inlays
id get the 58 deluxe goldtop with minibuckers
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My dream Les Paul would be exactly like an SG standard. I don't like Les Pauls.
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A 59 reissue.
You may have a 10 x 10 stack of marshalls and i may only have one, but mine goes to 11.... Beat that
tobacco burst with seymour dunkin invaders, a ****in floyd rose, 25 frets just to have more than you, and sick ass engraving in the fretboard
It would have a non-recessed Floyd Rose just for fun, 1 pickup-a Seymour Duncan P-Rails in the bridge which is basically a humbucker which can be turned into a p-90 from a flick of a switch. 1 volume pot, on/off switch, 5 way switch for the P-Rails, maybe a tone knob as well. 24 frets with easier access and the tulip-shaped tuners.

It's not really a Gibson at all now that I think about it..
Gold Top with 59 Neck profile and humbuckers (not P90s), pickguard and metal tuners not "ivory style"
black beauty, with 26 frets(just to have more than that other dude, and fender bridge(cause the TOM is somehow uncomfortable for me)
I'd get the original 1959 LP with a push-pull volume knob for out-of-phase. Simple enough.
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Would like a snow white Les Paul with solid black binding (not 3 ply), an EMG 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck, stoptail bridge, sperzal locking tuners, ebony fretboard, 22 frets, 50's neck (I have big hands), 3-way toggle, 1 tone and 1 volume. It would be the dreamiest Paul ever!