Since I recently lost my only two guitar cords yesterday, I'm going to buy new ones tomorrow. But because I dont measure each cord that my parents gave me, I dont know how long the cord that I'll buy should be.

I'm thinking of buying this.


But I dont know how long. (in ft.)

5, 10, 15, 18, 25, 30.

I'm gonna use a multifx pedal (for now) and I sometimes gig in school or family occasions.
Ha, its all choice.

I run 20s cause I move alot when we play.
Some people would be fine with a 10.
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Depending on what you want, really.

I use a cable that is 20ft, it is a little longer than that of my footswitch.
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a really long cable can cut your signal.
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I use a 20 ft Planet Waves cable. 20 ft is perfect for me. It's long enough but I don't suffer from signal loss.
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Go 20 foot
definately what you want


well I use a 30 and a 20, you could probably do with 2 20s if you gig at all.
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Length doesn't matter to much; choose whatever suits your needs.

But keep in mind, the longer you go, there is a greater chance for loss of signal integrity (the signal can be lessened or altered). Length by itself (ie, just you and your amp) will not effect the signal, almost at all, unless you have a significant length, or your cable is crappy/cheap (and this latter option is more likely). Most issues with length and signal loss are associated with gigging, where there is a lot of equipment on the stage (a lot). All of the other equipment, jammed in a small area, can actually affect your signal; especially with a long cable. But if you have a cable that's 5 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft you'll be fine. I've heard, generally, that you'll be fine until you hit near the 50ft range.

But in short... don't worry.