Been done before.
I subscribe to him.
To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
no matter how old it is, he still looks like a ****ing retard... i freaking hate him, ok playing tho.. but stil retarded
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Sorry to break this to you, but you "hardcore" fans don't HAVE mosh pits.
You have epileptic line dancing.

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Well... I AM a virgin, afterall...
yeah that was pretty cool. i agree he does look ridiculous
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I'd never seen you around until very recently, but this and the other pic have caused me to worship you
He stinks...too much distortion...

I'll stick with Satriani and people who make music, not noise.
nah it's boring and it has no soul to it
We are one
one is the beginning
are you one Herbert?

I'm not Herbert
I'll assume it's the french guitarist with the blue SG looking guitar?

Am I right?
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Hmm.... Awesome guitar though.
Military use of children?

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nah it's boring and it has no soul to it

How does that have no soul? I mean, just look at him
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Only in a vodka ad could Mexico win a war.
Ok, Donald Duck Playin teh guitar...
did he ever leave the first 2 strings really?
i couldn't stand it till the end
Every form of control over another person is a crime

AEK Athens
Asteras Exarcheion
Prasini Thyella
Rayo Vallecano

RED MILITIA-Vamos a Vencer
LOL wow. That was great. It looks like he just play that stupid crap and THEN programmed drums to it.
We're only strays.
The best part of the whole video was his expressions.
Newbs are dorks... oh wait, I'm a newb... shoot...


One of these smilies is mentally challenged