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Alien story

Disclaimer: I don't believe it. Obviously. I just thought it was funny.
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Sadly, most of them are illegal.

EDITIRINO: What a hoax! lulz..It was funny.
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It seems that Aliens chose to apppear in Nebraska, Alabama or Mississippi
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I have to say, thast although i think its bs, it's the most convinsing video that i have seen...i mean it blinks OMG
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lol........ A highly intelligent being, that can travel the universe. Comes to America, just to be a peeping tom.
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It's not really scary. You just see a window and the most stereotypical alien there is comes up slowly from below and looks around and blinks a few times, then is off again. It's quite funny actually.


Oh yeah, this comes from someone who is easily scared and fricking paranoid at this kinda stuff. Hence why I stay away from the Mind**** thread.
It's fake, heres proof in the form of an outtake from before (quite funny too):


EDIT: Another link by makersof the hoax:http://www.rockymountainparanormal.com/ufo/
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