i've been playin for bout a month now and i know a few scales a bunch of chords, licks, riffs, popular songs, etc. recently, i came across a guitar poster in a store and i bought it. it has a nifty chart that explains what note you're playing on what fret of what string. the only problem is, it has a note on the actuall metal piece of the fret and in the space behind it. so it says this (keep in mind that strings are backwards on purpose)


so if i hold down the low E string on the first fret am i playing an F or F# and how do i "alternate" between the two?
thats wrong!!!!!
if you play it on the 1st fret its a f when you play it on the 2nd its a f# if you play it on the 3rd fret its a g and so on
and i'm 100% sure
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that poster is a rip off

    F     F#      G      G#     A - A# - B - C - C# - D - D# - E -
That poster is not only wrong, but much better version are everywhere on the internet.

Make sure you check with someone else who's good at guitar (you might have misread), then if the chart is deffinately wrong, you should go to the store where you bought it and complain. They really should give you a refund for selling a retarded piece of fvck like that.