So long story short, I have to try out for a band tomorrow and I have to learn The Man Who Sold The world at the last minute. This was the only tab I could find:
As you can see it's got a pretty low rating. Here is my question though. The comments say it's off a bit, but it just needs to be taken down a fret. So if I just tune my bass down a half step, and play this tab, will I be fine?
Yes, Nirvana often tuned down 1/2 a step so I'm guessing that one was tuned down too, the person who made the tab probably just forgot to add that. Otherwise it looks pretty sound.
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you could always just learn the chords and make a play on the line via that.
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I'd try the Guitar Pro one, but I don;t have the program. Anyway thanks, I'll just learn that tab, see how it sounds and if it doesn't sound right I'll try what UtBDan suggested.

you can download a free trial of guitar pro, should you be so inclined...