question for err'one who owns basswood guitars & a wah pedal

alright, so i own two guitars that are basswood and four others that are mahogany and/or alder

i noticed my basswood bodied guitars responded more drastically to wah than the other nonbasswood guitars. Like the wah range is especially wide with these guitars. Either the pickups in both basswood guitars coincidentally have this characteristic, or it is an actual characteristic of basswood itself.

and is the KH-202 made of basswood beccause Kirk Hammett is a wah-freak and noticed this crazy wah phenomenon with basswood guitars or is because LTD wanted to make a cheap affordable guitar?

can anybody tell me, if they experience this with their basswood guitars?
Wow I just tried it, and you are absolutely right. The wah sound seems to cut through more

I had never played my new guitar with a wah pedal. It could be the pickups though. My mahogany sounds way clearer due to the better pickups though.
i belive most of the guitars hammett uses live are made of alder, and he uses a rack mounted cry baby for the extreme wah sounds