We are Red Fungus, a Belgian rockband.
We recently recorded some songs to put on a demo and had our first fairly succesful gig. The quality of the recording is not that good and in some songs we f*cked some things up (like the intro to Have No Illusions). But overall, we are very pleased with the result.

So just have a listen and any response would be very appreciated.

Red Fungus Myspace

Thank you
wow weird ur guitars sound shat at times but ur drums sound amaizng how that happen?
usaly its the other way round....
We recorded everything in an amateur-attic-recording-studio. The recording set-up for the drums is brilliant so the sound was always right.
The guitars had a lot of noise due to bad earthing (I don't know how to say this properly in English, I mean the buzz you hear when you don't touch the guitar and the volume is open). The quality of the guitars really got worse when we tried to remove this 'noise' in the mastering/mixing process.

I hope I understood right and you meant that the quality of the sound is bad, not that we suck at playing guitar. That would be depressing :-(

Thanks for listening by the way.
When you're not playing, do you keep your hands off the neck?
If I get a buzz, I try that first, otherwise I need to check my cables/setup.

If it's not that, maybe you could get a Noise Gate for the guitars and see if that helps?

Nice music you got there anyways, with or without the buzz

Btw: "earthing", or "aarding" in Dutch, is ground in English, I think
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If I'm not playing, then I have to dampen the strings with my hand, or turn the volume down. If I don't, then I get even more buzz. The closer I stand to the amp, the louder the buzz is. Noise Gate would be a good option I guess.
dude, u guys sound awesome lol

very stoner

same kind of sound am looking for, heavy kick ass bass and drums

rock on dudes
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Reverb I think is the word for the buzzing you are looking for.

Umm.... dont think so

You guys are pretty good. Its pretty chilled. I like it.
Thanks, we are hoping to record some new tracks (and the old ones) in a good studio (like Generation GFY was recorded in) so everything will sound a bit less crappy.
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Btw: "earthing", or "aarding" in Dutch, is ground in English, I think

Correct. Grounding is the term you were looking for.

And you're music is pretty good.
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New song uploaded! It's called "6"
You can hear it here: Red Fungus Myspace

Tell us what you guys think of it.

Alright, I uploaded some new livetracks from a local "Rock Rally" (I don't know how you call it, Rock contest perhaps?) where we won the prize of the public.
The new tracks are the ones labeled "Live Izepop".