Alright, so at first I was pretty bummed about the one-off Ozzfest in Dallas, cos' I live out here in Orange County.. but then I started to get excited, me and my buddies could road trip out to Dallas and see Ozzy again, and Metallica .. who'd we kill to see. But then I look at the tickets and ****, and I knew it. Metallica (even though they are such damn good musicians) and their stingy bitchiness drove up ticket prices all the way to $80 at the cheapest. What the hell is that? Do they forget where they came from, and that normal metalheads can't afford to drop that kinda of money on tickets, AND gas AND beer AND hotel room, etc. This totally blows, I was really looking forward to hitting up Ozzfest again this year, but now I have one more reason to dislike Metallica. Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?
Whine about it? If they priced the tickets cheaply then the tickets would sell out within minutes.

Anyway, wrong forum + a bajillion threads on this already = *reported*