I am wondering the process of engraving a pickguard and if anyone has undertaken this process? I would want to do it on my strat and have looked at the SRV pickguard before and it just looks like a three ply pickguard was used and they cut through the top black layer to expose the middle white layer. Any help would be appreciated.
This seems to me like common practice for manufacturing name plates and door signs, though I have only seen letters and numbers engraved in three ply plastic sheets this way. Name plates can be ordered in the hard ware shop around the corner, but they typically forward these orders to specialised shops that I couldn't contact directly when I myself was shopping around for material to make a pick-guard.
I didn't succeed then mainly because I gave up my search rather quickly, so chances are good you'll be more succesfull by being a little more persistent than me. There must be shops specialized in engraving three ply plastic sheets everywhere around.
SRV used truck stop stickers, the ones they use to put on the side of semi's. He jsut found them, so he used them, thats what he did, see my myself I am going to paint my SG pick guard then put a ton of clear coat on it (Got to love being a car painter)
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