This isn't so much a question on customizing guitar as it is just about pickups, but this seemed to be the most appropriate place. Moderators, please move this thread if there is a better location.

I have two questions, actually.

I'm trying to identify a pickup I found among my brother's old stuff. It was in a box for a DiMarzio HS-3, a stacked humbucker. I'm not sure if the pickup in the box is the DiMarzio or the pickup he replaced with it (which I think, but am not sure, is some stock Fender Strat single coil).

So, it's the size of a single coil, with staggered pole pieces. In between the poles are square cavities, and a circular one between the middle two poles. One white wire and one black. The wires are soldered, and then looped through a hole in the frame. A granite-looking magnet on the bottom. The coils are covered so I can't really tell if it's stacked or not.

As for my second question, despite my efforts on google, I can't find an answer for... Does anyone know who manuactures the stock pickups for Aria guitars? Specifically, the 7-string humbuckers known only as 'OH-7'?

Any help would be appreciated.