Verse 1
To give you my advice
Don't set foot back here
They hunt with hate, not eyes
Strike you down with only fear
You must learn before your return
Remorse will be burned
Mercy is your weakness
Pity has had its turn

Verse 2
Some men laugh, some men pray
Some still lay in sorrow
Nothing matters today
Except to live for tomorrow
We stand in rows of ten
Fingers on each and every trigger
When this day comes to an end
The smell of death will linger

We march into battle
Numbed to feel no pain
Hear nothing but the rattle
Of the war machines in vain

Verse 3
We are pawns in a vicious game
White flags will never be raised
Life and death seem the same
We are numbed to feel no pain

I am thinking about making the bridge a chorus and putting it after the third verse, but ehh i guess ill just wait to see what the band thinks