I'm sorry, I know there's a million threads on sweep picking but I still need help. I understand the concept of sweep picking and how it works, I just can't actually do it lol. Should I start practicing 3 string, 4 string, 5 string, or 6 string sweeps? What are some good EASY sweep exercises. Also, since I'm a beginner to this technique, I sweep so slow that it feels as if I'm picking each note out instead of sweeping, is there anyway around this or is that normal? Thanks all and sorry for another sweep picking thread, I know your sick of them, but I appreciate any help or tips!
Dude try jason beckers serrana. I learner with that song, because it seems to be composed of a ****load of sweep picking excercises. So try each of the different arpeggios over and over.
yes that is normal...start slow then speed up start of with 3string...then move up to 4, 5, and 6 string sweeps/rakes.
Bad idea to start with 5 strings sweeps off the bat or 6 strings, I tried and I failed..Well, it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't good either. Get the hang of the motion before you start with the Symphony X or Jason Becker stuff.
I learned with the jason becker stuff. I posted a video where im playing the sweeps on an acoustic. And another on high gain. I helped me learn clean sweeping. But i do remember i used to do it very sloppy at it. In the videos which are like a year then, Im sweeping pristinely clean.
yeah i learned 5 string sweeps first and right when i started doing 3 string ones it was so easy.
you'll probably learn faster starting slow and small.
focus on accuracy, not speed.
once you can nail each note with ease, then work on speed
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3 string sweeps, at least the continuous kind like michael angelo's, are actually really hard.

the way i taught myself to do sweeps was to make my fretting hand do one sweep pattern over and over again. nonstop for 1 solid hour. yes its a pain in the @#$. but i taught myself to sweep in about a week. granted i couldn't do it MAB speed and it was only 1 shape, but it was still a sweep.

i would say start with the A minor sweep, just do it on 5 strings. cause thats the one i did, and so i know it can work as one to start on.

ps: the first time i ever successfully swept at a reasonable speed, i could only do it like twice before my hand was to tired to play anymore.
thank you all! really helpful info.. i thought that this thread would get flamed for sure but luckily it didn't