Say I have a Mesa Roadster head, it has 1 effects loop. Where would you put all of these effects? In the loop? In front of the head? In what order?

Rack gear:
Korg DTR-2000 Rack tuner
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
ISP Decimator Rack
Furman Power Conditioner (I don't think it would really make a difference where this is?)

MXR Phase 100
MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Maxon OD-9
MXR EVH flanger
Dunlop 535Q wah
boss super chorus
Ovation Celebrity
Schecter C-1 Classic
Peavey Valve King 112
Tuners go first. The Sonic Maximizer should go in the end of everything. Delay should go after all the modulation efffects (phase, flanger, chorus), not sure about wah. And it should all go in the effects loop except maybe the tuner.
Epiphone Dot
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Vox AC30VR 212
Arion MTE-1 (LED clipping diodes added)
Vox Tonelab LE
Roland SDE1000 delay

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put the overdrive pedal into the amp input, the wah can go anywhere depends how u want to use it.