hi there,

one of the biggest mistakes ive always done when playing guitar was to try to play 1 riff or lick or something as fast as it is in the original song.

by reading in these forums, ive learned that its a bad thing and Ive started to do it properly: I slow it down until I can play it perfectly then I repeat it 1 hundred times.

i am using Guitar Pro mostly and what I do is to slow down the tempo and play. But i am not sure when I should raise it.


Lets say the original song tempo is 150. I can play it perfectly at 75, but I start to make some mistakes at 80, so my question is: should I play at 75 again and again (perfectly) or play at 80 and try to fix those mistakes?

oh god i so much hate being so slow ...
goe up 1 bmp at a time if your serious, and as soon as you get it right, at say, 115bpm speed up to 120bmp the time slowly flies by... ::type
The only answer,
All the time
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