Hello all. First post here. I used to post on harmony-central, but could not ask an honest question without being attacked with a barage of sarcasm and bacon grease. That being said:

I recently purchased an SG Classic, and I'll be adding a maestro short arm vibrola. I'd like the end result to resemble an old SG Special. I've done my fair share of drilling and general modding in the past, so installation will not be an issue. My major concern is the holes from the original stop tail. I've been told to simply plug the holes with those Gibson studs they make, or just simply let them be, but I'd really like to fill them properly and do a finish touch-up.

Does anyone have any experience with wood filler or a similar product? I have wood filler (specifically designed to not shrink or crack, and designed to be painted and finished) along with a matching stain and semi-gloss spray. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Do's and dont's?

Many thanks!
Don't use wood filler, you'll have to paint the entire thing again!

Get 'those studs', they do seem worth it.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
"those gibson studs" sound like a good idea, as Lil Macker said.

go fer it!