I REALLY need a gear upgrade - I think it would make my guitar playing a LOT more enjoyable, as I'm getting fairly sick of my current tone. My little Vox amp is great for it's versatility, but it's electronic sound is getting annoying. I also want something a little better to record with.

I plan on getting a DD20 delay pedal - since I do a lot with delay and I'd also use it for some light looping. I am wondering, since the Tiny Terror is a single channel - if I could set it to a cleaner setting and then use a pedal for high gain applications -

this is the kind of stuff I write -

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGJJFAjc8r0 (that's me, I know I'm not very good)

So you see I need at least two tones since most of my songs have that kind of contrast.

Anyone think that this amp would work for me? Or does anyone have another suggestion - preferably in the 1k-ish range for the head? I can afford the cab later..
The Tiny Terrors only downfall is that it only has one channel, it is versatile but doesn't allow for instant clean to overdriven transitions, unless you are nifty with the volume on your guitar.

Maybe you can go for something like a Laney VC30 or similar

EDIT: sorry didn't see you are using a pedal for distortion, in that case, why not buy an amp that does cleans very well, because the TT is predominantly an amp that does distort well
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I think you'd enjoy it a lot.

I actually liked the song. Pretty cool stuff.

The TT is pretty cheap too. I think you could find it even cheaper on ebay. A couple are selling for $500.