those of you with more than one guitar. what do you use them for? multiple tunings? floating/fixed bridges? different styles?
well, i have three electrics.
i use my Explorer for more heavy stuff. Thrash and such.
my Les Paul is my all around guitar, it can do the thrash, just not as well as the Explorer.
and my Danelectro is what i pick up when im in a country, or rockabilly mood.
i use all of the above for punk. punk doesnt have a signature guitar tone
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all of mine are tuned to Eb currently my set up is kinf of small I have a Gibson SG and a mid-80s epiphone strat copy (which is actually slightly better than a MIM Fender) I use the SG for certain sounds (higher gain stuff and a few bluesy tones) and I use the Strat for cleans and some of my goth rock stuff (which requires a jangly guitar sound)

I also have an acoustic and a bass.
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Dean -> strat bridge w/ block; Humbucker in neck and reversed bridge pickup (out of phase middle position) classic rock, blues, and Satriani/Vai stuff
Washburn -> lo-pro floyd rose; EMGs for metal and shred and jazz
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I have one electric and two acoustics. I use the electric for, well, electric stuff. I detune that as necessary, but it's usually in standard tuning.

I keep my better acoustic (Yamaha) in standard, and I use it most of the time.

I use my old acoustic (Olympia by Tacoma) to experiment with different tunings. I also take this on trips with me, since I'm not too worried about it getting dinged up. I also might start trying to play slide with it as well.
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I have a les Paul (copy) and a strat (copy) and I just use them because they have different feels and the Strat has a Whammy bar.
I have my strat which I use for a little of everything

I have my JEM which I use for Shred/Metal/lead ect
I do all my playing/writing in standard and that's what both of my guitars are tuned to.
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I keep all my guitars in standard. The presence of a trem rarely matters to me.

For me, I want different guitars for how they play, and how they sound, to a somewhat lesser extent.