Hi everyone...

i have a rather serious problem...

i curently have a dawes SG and it is broke. The hole in which the lead goes into my guitar is not working...
i have taken the back off of my guitar and i know that a blue wire has become disconnected. MY problem is that i cannot figure out where this wire is supposed to go so i canot solder it back into place. i have bought a new connection however the shop where i bought it could not connect it back up for me. I am wondering if anyone can giv me advice on what to do with it...?

all suggestions will be of great help...


will need to see pics of the inside of your guitar

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Take it to your local shop/luthier. If you don't know what you're doing, don't proceed. Shoulden't cost you that much.

Use google to find out more about this kind of thing. If you don't find anything then I'm sure there's a library nearby that has one about Guitar maintenance.
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I had the same problem. I just took it to Long and McQuade and I believe they fixed it for free.
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same thing happened with my guitar. just take it to a trustworthy tech and they should be able to fix her right up for $25-60, depending upon whether it's really messed up or not. not that big of a deal.

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