Well, thats not true. I only hate this site- www.corpseclothing.com

I ordered a Tool t-shirt three weeks ago tomorrow. Nothing on the web page stated that it wasn't in stock so I ordered with my Moms credit card (with her permission of course). They sent me an order number to track the progress but the next day sent me a new one saying the item wasn't in stock.

A week went by and I asked when it was going to be dispatched and when can I expect it to arrive. They replied by saying that they've taken the money out of the account and ordered it directly from the suppliers, without answering my other question.

Their customer service is extremely bad and if it hasn't been dispatched within a week I'm going to ask for my money back.

Any stories you'd like to share about terrible online service/waiting for items?
Tool wouldn't like you buying stuff of them.

It's anti-Melvin, after all.

And I don't buy stuff offline, for that exact reason.
Ordered my randall amp on the thursday, the following wednesday they said it wasnt in stock. 2 weeks went by and i recieved the amp direct from randall.

Pissed off wasnt the word.
God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed.
Ive only had good experiences, though i did buy a dodgy sm57 off ebay.
took a lot of threats to get my money back, lost £3 due to postge though!