Well, I've posted on here before, but I've never gotten a reply that has led me to any tablature, so I figured I'd try again :/. I'm mainly looking for 2 songs off of the newest Nuclear Blast All-Stars cd, "Out of the Dark". The songs are "Dysfunctional Hours" and "The Dawn of it All". I can't seem to find tabs for any of the Nuclear Blast All-Stars songs anywhere, although I guess that's fairly understandable since you can't really list any particular artist. Does anyone know where I could find these tabs? I really wanna learn these songs. PLEASE let me know if you have any ideas of where to find these? Thanks!
Could be cause no one has tabbed them. Not sure though, there are a myriad of reasons. Perhaps no one has tabbed them?

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dude stop bumping, obviously the songs havent been tabbed.

its not like every song in the world is tabbed and are hidden on the internet for you to find. either tab it yourself or give up. you shouldve been reported long ago for 6 bumps in a row
pretty sure replying to one's own forum once a day is allowed...? sorry that I would like to learn a song I don't have the TIME to sit down and tab? gotta love people who jump into someone's forum to complain... bye?
1) Not your forum
2) You obviously have the time to bump
3) *reported*
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oh no, my forum's been reported :/. I have the time to bump when I do it ONE time a day... and that's when im winding down for the night... it's pretty easy to type a 4-letter word on a forum. you've obviously got the time to come into a forum and not contribute and, it isn't your forum either