Alright friends... I need some help.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a used Peavey Classic 30. These past 2 weeks it's treated me great.

Until today.

I turned it on this morning to warm it up before I started playing. Instead of humming nicely, it started to make some weird cracking noises that I have never heard it make before. The little voice in my head told me that it was probably a good idea to turn it off, so I did. I let it rest for a bit, and made sure that all the tubes were in securely. I fired it up again, but this time I was looking at the tubes. The same cracks and pops were still ther, and I also noticed that 2 of my preamp tubes didn't light up and one of my power tubes was getting REALLY hot and orange.

The guy I bought it from didn't know too much on the history of the amp, so I have no idea how old the tubes are.

Here are the tube specs:

Preamp: 12AX7s; two EH and one (cheap) Mesa
Power amp: EL 84s; all four are JJ

I think that I probably just need to replace the preamp tubes, but I'm not sure. This is a sweet amp and I don't want to screw it up.

Any help or suggestions?
new tubes maybe?

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Common sense would tell you to get new tubes as soon as you buy a used tube amp. Alas, like me when I got a used tube amp a while back, you were too damn eager to use it. Just go get new tubes and you will be right as rain.
dude just get new tubes lol.. it's the best to always do that when buying used equipment.. this has nothing to do with the problem most likely, but a new speaker wouldn't hurt either.
I am hoping that a tube swap will do the trick. This was the first time that I've had this many tubes go south at the same time.

If it turns into anything more involved I will definitely take it to a tech.

and yes... I am planning on swapping out the speaker for a Celestion when I have the $.

So... anyone have any suggestions for a good new tube set?

I was thinking Tung-Sol's for the preamp and JJ's for the power tubes.
Same situtation happend with me and my VK. Power amp tube got red hot, while the amp made a popping noise even on standby. Bought new tubes and presto works like a charm now. So im sayin its probably your tubes dyin, but dont quote me on that. But ya your best bet is to replace the tubes as everybody else has said.
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take it to a technician!!!

Dont play around with it yourself cos chances are its a bigger problem than you think, especially if the preamp tubes arent appearing to work at all. it might just be a small problem but personally ide get it checked out just to make sure!
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I demo'd a Classic 30 today. I loved it and bought it. THe store clerks didnt touch it at all, i picked it up and brought it home. I plugged it in, and turned it on. The pilot light went on briefly and then shut off, and i havent got anything sense then. what do I do????????
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Quote by thefrigginbob
Firebert is not a very good commando name...

To TheFrigginBob: You're the first one who has mentioned it. Well done!!!

To JMTrio134: Take it to the store where you purchased it. You could try to exchange it for another working Classic 30. It seems like at the very least, their tech would be obligated to do a little work on it.

To everyone else: Thanks for the advice. My only problem now is finding decent tubes. None of the stores around me carry anything besides re-branded Sovteks. I just sent an e-mail to Doug's Tubes. I know that they'll be able to hook me up with the good stuff.