I know how put in rhythm slashes in power tab and how to assign guitars to them but i am coufused about assigning chords to them and when i play it they never play anything for the rhytm slash-could somebody give me an easy walkthrough on how to use rhythm slashes?

1. Open the chord diagram list. It's between the "guitar in" and "guitar properties" icons. It's like a gray box.

2. Near the upper right corner, there are some icons. Click the farthest left. The one of the gray box.

3. Click on the correct frets across the fretboard to put the chord in. It will suggest some names, based on relevancy, for the chords. Find the proper name for it. Click okay.

4. The chord appears in the diagram. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have all your chords needed.

5. Add in the rhythm slashes.

6. Assign a guitar to the rhythm slashes.

7. To assign chords to the rhythm slash, hit the c button on your keyboard with the blue bar under the correct note where the chord should go. Click on the chord you want to go there. All slashes after that chord name will be that chord, until there is another chord name there. Then it will switch to that chord.
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