I have found a used Charvel 475 deluxe. I can't find to much information on it and I was wondering if anyone could get the specs on it and tell me how much it sold for when it was new and how much I should pay for it now. Thanks!
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Message CJRocker. He knows a lot about Charvel and 80's guitars.

Wow, his signature advertisement actually branded itself in my brain. Neat.

Hey yeah thanks, I saw that too in another jackson forum and so I sent him a mailbox. Thanks!
They were made between 1989 and 1991 I believe.

Toothpaste series.

Basswood body, Schaller made trem (Jackson JT590)

Jackson pickups with active electronics (JE1200 midboost)

GREAT guitars. I have its older sister, a Charvel model 4. The 475 is the same, but with a dinky body as opposed to Strat shaped.

600 euros is I would say a little too much. I paid 250 pounds for my model 4. They're all going up in price though.
In US dollars, I'd pay up to 600 if it's in great state. A little less otherwise.

Brilliant guitar if you like the neck shape. Mines give me cramps unfortunately, but I love them nonetheless.