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Vinyl? CD? or Illegal downloading? Or some special secret underground factory?

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Soulseek and torrents.

I'll buy the occasional CD when I have money and am not spending it on green tea or new strings.
I used to download... I was stupid and didn't know it was illegal, or that it urts the music industry.

Now I buy CDs .
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CD and the library! For free cds that are legally to download off of.

Download stuff if I am checking it out or if is the only stuff I like by a band etc. I prefer to buy the CDs though.
CDs and vinyls.
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CD's, I'm nice to the artists.


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CDs and Torrents
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I usually buy CDs, and borrow discs from friends. If I borrow a disc from a friend I'll listen to it and copy it to my computer and if I like it I will buy it eventually. Sometimes I do resort to downloading music though - but only stuff that I can not get on CD in stores.
get my sister to buy it off i-tunes and send it to me or buy cds

i go to concerts to support the band
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I download everything it but if I like it and it's good then I will buy it even if I have downloaded it. Otherwise I just delete it if it sucks.

EDIT: oh yeah and if it's impossible to get hold or obscure or if I have to buy it online then I will usually download it.
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The only time I ever download is if the artist lets you over myspace or whatever.

Seriously, if you want to listen to music that you don't have, just go on youtube and listen to the music videos.
i usualy check out a few tracks by a band on myspace or even youtube, then if i like their stuff ill go out and their CD
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Well, it depends.

Sometimes mates send me songs over msn, sometimes they say song names or band names, and I youtube them (youtube has everything )

Sometimes I read about them in metal hammer, or hear them on the metal hammer CD, but most of the time its someone reccomending a band name and i go listen to them on youtube and have a listen. If i like them, I'll listen to more, maybe buy the CD if they're that good.

Latest bands that happened to me with: Opeth, Disturbed, Nightwish.
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I usually buy CDs, and borrow discs from friends. If I borrow a disc from a friend I'll listen to it and copy it to my computer and if I like it I will buy it eventually. Sometimes I do resort to downloading music though - but only stuff that I can not get on CD in stores.

buy cds off ebay, sometimes from shops, download every now and then if i'm skint n just wanna check a band out though
Torrents.... sometimes they're so ****ing slow though, I'm trying to download Shine a Light right now, and I've only found one torrent that works, even though most have 250+ seeds, and it's only getting a max of 6.8kbps!
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Torrents, go to Concerts to support the bands not buy CDs to support the Record Label
I download from Amazon,iTunes or Walmart(Amazon's really cheap though) or buy the CD's if I can get my parents to take me.
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Illegal downloads. **** paying $30 for a CD. At least for the most part. I own a couple of CDs from local bands (you know, the ones that actually make some money from CD sales).

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i buy cds
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I have a huge collections of vinyls and CD's (although the vinyls are more for collecting purposes than for music)

I download off of iTunes or Napster every now and then.

I used to use Limewire before I realized that it was stealing.
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