Hey peeps,
I live in Newcastle, UK, and I'm wondering if you know any guitar teachers in the area that would be cool with my guitar being in Drop C* If you do, could please tell me as all my fave bands play in Drop C* but I don't want to be constantly retuning.

*C,G,C,F,A,D- I have got my guitar set up with thicker strings as well, but I can't just change them as my guitar has a Floyd Rose-style bridge, so no changing tunings except maybe a tone on the bottom string.

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get a cheapo squire or summat


If you are going to be changing tunings a lot, or even if you aerent, its nice to have a second guitar to switch too instead of re-tuning.
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get a 2nd cheep guitar
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Yeah man, just get a cheap Epi Les Paul. They're the best for learning IMO since they're used in so many kinds of music.
Man limiting yourself to Drop C is really lame.
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