Recommend me an acoustic amp. Something under $100. Wattage doesnt matter cause I will be running it straight through my PA anyhow. I just need something to give a bit of tone enhancement to my acoustic.

I was looking at Musicians Friend at some, and I had actually thought about getting a Pignose to run it through to give my old acoustic that bluesy feel that I need for the style of country I play. But I dont know how well it would sound. So recommend something to me.
I have a Michael Kelly PureCoustic MKAMP16 and I like it a lot (I'm pretty sure it's the exact same amp as the Kustom Siena 16).

I run it through an old Teisco 2x15 cabinet and it's very warm and full sounding.
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Well I like the Michael Kelly and the Kustom, but both are backordered. And the only place local that has the Kustom's in stock is about $20 more then the MF price. Which to me is ridiculous.

But I was thinking about doing an electric amp, I just dont want to lose too much of the acoustic qualities. But that way would be easier when I get another electric, that way I wouldnt have to carry around two different amps.