Can i please get some tips on how to strum. Playin more than one note at a time seems impossible. Ive been playing 5 months an im just understanding number tabs The guitar is KMA.
well, the most common way to strum, is just up and down, but well :P

Well try this, on the A string, the 7th fret (3rd dot), and just leave the the big thick string (E) open, dont push down on the frets of E, and just get your pick, and strum downwards continuosly, thats an easy way to play more than one note, and it'll sound quite nice, because the 7th fret of A = E, and since you';re playing the E string aswel, it'll harmonize. This is also a way to tune your strings.
Relax your arm and wrist. That's one of the most common problems I've seen. Tension is the enemy, it prevents you from playing as fast/fluidly as you could. Practice on songs that use open chord strums (IE; Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan) to get the hang of it. It really just boils down to proper practice.
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