ok i had like 20 mp3 song files on my profile and they all got erased. when i view my profile they all have a slash through them and i can't access them anymore. WTF happened to them?

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Copyright probably.

Or maybe because you called yourself "rokker".
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are they your own songs?
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Idk, but dosent this belong in the site feedback section or whatever its called?

I really have no clue. They are just random songs that i bought and i said that its the artists song and its the original version and i have seen other ppl with songs lik ethat on their profiles

"you eatuh mah cookie"
is it on your profile as like YOUR mp3?
if so, its probably a copyrigt issue.

if its just one of those players, then just redo it

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Or maybe because you called yourself "rokker".

From the guy called GnR_ROK?
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Yeah, that's copyright infringement. Can't have any of that stuff. It needs to be stuff you recorded by yourself. It could be you playing a song by your favorite artist, but it needs to be YOU playing it. That's called a cover. If you wrote it yourself, it's okay, because there is no copyright issue.
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