Hey you guys, i am looking into buying a new nut for my stagg so i dont have this cheap plastic one (and i know what your thinking oh stagg just get a new guitar and the answer is no, ive tried many guitrs and i love the soound my stagg creates so dont even bother telling me to get a new guitar)..anyways is there any thing specific i should be looking for in the nut..and what strings would you recomend because i feel its time for new ones..
For a nut I have heard bone I think but I don't know. There might be better out there, just ask the place where you are going to buy the nut at. I don't know if there is any thing really specific that you should be looking for in a nut...

I personally like the Elixar Poly-webs.

The only other strings I tried were some GHS Vintage Bronze, they had a nice tone for a while but got old in like two weeks for me and then had horrible tone outside of standard tuning. Even Drop-D sounded bad. I think there is a thread around here somewhere specifically for strings though.
Nuts are real bastards to set up properly, so be warned. Even the slightest inaccuracy leads to big problems. The basic principles are simple; just make sure that the slots are exactly the right width and have no rounded off forward facing edges (or else you'll get string buzz), that the string heigth is not too high or too low and that the side facing forward exactly touches the fretboard (failure to accomplish this will give huge intonation problems) What makes it complicated is that there is no room for the slightest error or sloppiness, so that greatest care and exactly the right tools are required. By the curses and yells coming out of my workshop my neighbours pretty much know every time I'm busy modifying a top nut.

On the other hand; nuts are not expensive. If you remove the old one without damaging it, you can always put it back when things don't work out, so there is no great risk involved.
And then, after having succeeded, the improvement in sound may well proof to be worth the trouble.

When choosing the right material you should listen very carefully to the current sound of your guitar. The denser the material of the nut, the more overtones are enhanced. A good piece of bone or ivorite can add a lot of brightness to a guitar that is otherwise rather dull. If your Stagg is overly bright already and somewhat weak in the basses, it may turn out that your silly nylon nut actually works best.