Hey there, I've been wanting to change my strings on my old guitar (Aria STG) but I can't remove the strings, I've taken them off of the pegs but they won't come out of the back. This may be terribly stupid of me, but how do I remove them? They won't budge, so I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.
Slide them out?

If you can't get the out through the holes, take off the back plate.
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Slide them out?

If you can't get the out through the holes, take off the back plate.

Well, I've done that and that doesn't change anything, do I have to take out the part with the springs too, because I'm careful with anything that has springs.

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You just slide them through. Or is that not working for you?

They are quite old and rusty, so I think that's why they won't slide out.
hmm. maybe youre taking them out the wrong way. they gotta come out the back.

terribly sorry if this insulted your intelligence but i have no idea what else the problem could be.
i had the same problem you have to put in an allen key and tap it some for them to come out
It should be a simple matter of sliding them out. I have no idea why it wouldn't work.
if one or two get stuck, use a chopstick like device to get them out.

yes take off the plastic back.

No, leave the springs on.

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The ballends ones tend to get jammed in the holes in the tremolo. Even the bullet ends do it if they stay in the guitar under tension a long time. Find something thats slender enough to go thru the hole from the front but strong enough not to bend easy. And give em a few taps usually frees em up.