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Fender Telecaster or Epiphone SG....classic to hard rock, some punk rock

get the tele
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telecaster definately. Im biased though so... get the telecaster
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not to mention herbert from family guy will touch you in your sleep
TELECASTER!!! Make it black, rough it up a little, and give it to me.
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touche sir.
If its a fender telecaster not a Squire telecaster than get the tele. But if its a squire tele get the Epi.
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telecaster, Fender kicks the s**t out of Gibson

Gibson > Fender.

Regardless, TS should get the Tele.
I have both a fender and gibson and i have to say I like gibson better. However in your case, get the fender over the EPIPHONE (for the people who were saying fender over gibson)
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If its a fender telecaster not a Squire telecaster than get the tele. But if its a squire tele get the Epi.

Yeah thats a good idea. I personally would get the SG anyway but Im more of a gibson guy so... But i do really like tele's aswell. If its fender get that if its squier get the epi.
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didn't we just go thru this last night and the thread got closed? these two guitars are on opposite ends of the spectrum. TS you need to go play these guitars and maybe some others and make your own decision. At a minimum use the Search Bar first and find out what others have said over and over and over and over.


PS - i need to copy that apple/orange pic for future use.