So a few day ago, I get a call from one of my friend who hasn't contacted me for a while saying that he needs help with his business. He made it seem urgent, and he asked me to accompany him that night at some "convention". He was really unclear about it and kept avoiding question. He drove me to the Hyatt hotel where a bunch of his associates were really friendly. They all shook hands and referred to each other as "Mr. So & so." All they did was compliment each other and how helpful everyone is. It turns out that this was a presentation held by the company Usana. They are a health service company that sells their products via direct selling or network marketing. So they started the presentation, the group leader comes up and everyone cheers and was all excited. What I found very strange was that I still haven't figured out what my friend or any of the associates did and how they all replied in unison after the leader said something. So the leader was bragging about how Usana's products are number one on the market, then they explained their dumb-down version of network marketing. Then of course there was the entrance fee of 400$.

I admit the presentation was well done and entertaining. The people were young and very charismatic, but after digesting the information later in the night, I realized that it was scam. Regardless of how pretty they made it, scam is a scam is a scam.

Now it's not the fact that they're trying to scam me that scares me, it was the way they acted.

They all had a strange obsession with the leader, and mindlessly agrees with every word she said. They always replied in unison like "that's right. That's true. Uh huh"

It totally seems like everyone was brainwash, including my friend. So after the presentation, the lady asked for my information. I was dumb enough to give it her cause in the moment, it didn't seem like it would be harmful. Gladly, I don't have a credit card, so she had to set up an "appointment" with me to set up a payment plan. I avoided the appointments, so I hope they leave me alone.

Has anyone ever been involved in a network marketing like this before?

TL;DR. USANA's a scam and they act like a cult.
good thing you got out
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Sounds messed up dude.

Good job for getting out without being f*cked.
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Holy ****, that sounds creepy... call police?
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they're not doing anything illegal, it's just a really shameful practice of business.
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This sounds pretty f****d up.
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