One of the many cool things I've been getting into...for some wierd reason, spanish-style guitar...is the whole harmonic minor kind of deal. I mean yes, I use scales and modes like there's no tomorrow. The Phrygian mode is one of those "spanish" types of feelings and when you sort of merge the harmonic minor in there, it creates this really neat and unique feel. Now that I think of it, thats is similar or exactly what Yngwie does. However, one of my personal favorite modes to use is the Lydian...don't ask me why...it just seems to have this vibe that I enjoy hearing. Its like one of those "guitargasms"! If any one is interested, I suggest you study and get into the mode theory...it looks and seems hard but once you have an understanding of it, it's all greatness from there on out!
-Corey Shane