selling a marshall 1960 BV straight 4x12 cab. it's got 4 70 watt vintage 30 speakers and is switchable between 4 and 16 ohms.

has a few very small snags in the tolex.
the cab retails for 950 new, looking for half that. 475 plus shipping.

email me at andrewcx@gmail.com for more info or to buy it.

find out how much shipping would be be to 06513
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still available.
shipping estimate around 60 or so for continental us

hit me up if interested.
it really is a great cab, one of the best marshall makes
found a small tear in the grill cloth and now have pictures for those who message me so
450 plus shipping. still has the guitar center tag on it for 650 and i'll include it if you'd like.

how baout a trade for a jackson dk2m alpine white? pm if ur interested or not lol