so currently in the band is me (lead guitar)
singer/rythme guitar
and a drummer

were gonna look for a bass player at some point, but we've found there arnt many locally

we've had only 2 practices, and the songs we've done are:
Dakota - stereophonics
Dani california - rhcp
Wonderwall - Oasis
Vertigo - U2
When you were young - The killers
Everlong - Foo fighters

so we're like indie/brit/rock, the covers that we want to do, we'd like to be popular, mainly just to get everyone singing ect

so does anyone have any ideas on what songs we could do?

we cant really think of any
If I were you I would focus on getting a bass player and working on the covers you have first. You've only had two practices, I severely doubt that you guys are playing those covers very well. I would recommend getting those covers really tight first before moving on.

However you may want to consider:
Song 2-Blur
Counting the Days-Collective Soul
Paralyzer-Finger Eleven
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