I got some d'addario xl nickel wound strings today and 2 strings snapped on me (high e and a) a lot of people seem to like the d'addario's but was it unlucky that I had 2 strings break on me or what? I've used elixir's and ernie balls and they've never snapped on me while playing let alone while tuning it up for the first time.
are you sure that you aren't over tuning? i had a friend who used to wind his strings tight enough so when he first started tuning it read around G-A for his high E string, and he actually made it to D or D# before it snapped on him. Also, what method do you use to string your guitar? I've never had a string snap on me straight out of the package.
u proablly just got some bad strings or somin like that cause before i had my Ibanez (Which now i regret buyin cause of the tremolo) so i would get a new pair of strings and if they break again then go back to ur old brand
did thy break right at the bridge?
if so, then there is likely a sharp edge or something there that is weakening them.
I always used to use D'Addarios and never had that kind of problem
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