lol thats way too easy to consider yourself intermediate IMO.

that's also putting a lot of weight on theory etc, and less on technique.

Then again i have such a high bar set for advanced, that i obviously have a higher bar set for intermediate than most...

but tbh if you are into metal and havent began sweeps by year one, you need to start. Economy picking in general is a must have.

I started sweeping around month 3, obviously it wasnt all I focused on, and i was terrible at it, but i think it benefited my playing overall in a huge way.

A lot of my friends had more trouble moving up and down the strings, than up and down on the neck...and learning to sweep and economy pick eliminates this issue.

Anyone who think sweeps are too hard for a beginner should rethink it, as there are plenty of triads and such that can be picked up easily, and can teach you a lot.

So basically...according to that im way past intermediate...but in my own head...i think im still working towards it.
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