Alright, I am looking for an amp that is "intermiediate". Better than a beginner but not an only-amp-youll-ever-need. Just something a few steps up from my cube. Also, I have my dad's '68 Ampeg Gemini 1x12. My epi sg sounds epic through it, but my casino sounds like junk through it. Also, I wanted a tube amp of my own. Not real extravagent or nothing, just a simple tube to get me by for a few years, and possibly loud enough for small gigs (coffe shop, mmedium-sized restaurants, etc.). I'm still finding my own tone, so...

I was thinking the Super Champ XD. It sounds like it would be pretty good. I haven't gotten to try it in person yet. It looks promising. Also, I noticed they make a Frontman DSP. I compared the two and it looks as though the Frontman DSP is a SS of the Super Champ. So in theory, the Super Champ is a tube modelling-amp, right? or no?

Also, would this be okay for small gigs, or would people think, 'get a REAL amp'?

Or if I run it through the PA, it should be fine, tone-wise and volume, right?

One last thing, if I play 1-3 hours a day, and gig every weekend, how often would I have to replace the tubes?
yeh it is a tube modelling amp, if your playing coffee shops and reasturants the volume needed is not gunna be tons so yeh be fine for that, id buy it your gunna get bombareded with get a blackheart but thes are just as the same quality, some youtube vids make it look super so id got for this